Neelam Shah


29th March 2017

I am a BE (IT Software) working with Wipro Digital, for past one year based out of London. Prior this have worked for 3 years with Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS).

My memories about Adarsh Vidhyapeeth (Studied at Adarsh Vidhyapeeth from 1993-2008)

I joined this school when I was just a small kid who knows nothing about this world. I was just 2 and half years old at that time. This is not just a school for me but more like a second home. I spent 15 years of my life here. Whatever I know, learned and achieved is because of this school and its teachers. I have a great respect for all the teachers of this school who shared their knowledge and wisdom with us and made us a good person.

Here you will not only learn bookish knowledge but morality, behaviour, humanity. This school is like a tool which takes the raw material and carve it into beautiful stone like diamond and make us much more valuable.

From here I got lot of opportunities to learn, to build and improve my confidence to face this world. There are number of memories this school has given to me. The time spent with my beautiful friends, group outing, group reading, sports tournament. The teachers have taken such a good care of me that in my life i will never forget them. They really have shaped my life.

Our School Principal (Mrs. Sadhana Shah) was the torch bearer for me. Even today when I look back into those memories my eyes gets filled with tears of joy and respect. The time I spent in this school were very valuable and will be with me till my last breath and will always feel proud that was part of such a wonderful organisation.

Nilesh Prajapati


April 2017

"Encouraging us to be more independent and freedom to think and act on our own" This I would say, is the best thing I felt about Adarsh Vidhyapeeth. Here, our interest are given both the due respect and priority. Let it be academics or sports or art or music or any other thing. The point to do what we like and to give our best to it. We had full freedom to express our ideas and thoughts.

Our knowledge and skills were enlightened with care by well qualified and magnificent lecturers. The entire institution is evolving as the single soul with same objective as providing world class experience in learning and light up each and every student to realize their dream and goal.

Smita Wane


29th March 2017

I am a BE (IT Software) working with Digital Info Bytes, (Baner, Pune) as a IT Business Analyst.

I had studied at Adarsh Vidhyapeeth from 1995-2008

When I think my childhood, I think about my school days golden era of my life. Life is about learning, I learned many things from my school, best moments of my life were spend in my school. I learned to take challenges and achieve goals. Thanks to my mentors they prepared me for competitions that is very important for future life.